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June 19 talent, Pudong Shanghai Air Center held 2,014 training maritime personnel work 

超级用户 Published in 2014-06-21 】    


    June 19, shipping by the Pudong Development Promotion Center City, the relevant departments jointly organized the "2014 Shanghai Maritime Personnel Work Training" was held at Shanghai Pudong International Shipping Service Center, more than 50 shipping companies, more than 60 people attended the class. Municipal Party Committee and the Joint Construction and Transportation and Transportation Committee, City Talent Service Center, District shipping office, the People's Insurance Bureau personnel policy department heads about the long-term concern of the shipping companies, the companies interpretation of Shanghai, "thousands of people plan" leading talent, Shanghai Maritime talent title review, Pudong New Area "Hundred Talents", reporting processes and personnel policy considerations shipping convey the shortage of jobs in Shanghai, Pudong shipping information hotspots incentives and other personnel as well as the latest developments, such as Shanghai, personnel work, the relevant departments Some people still live in Personnel answer difficult problems faced by shipping companies. The next stage, the Pudong Development Promotion Center will jointly shipping related units Shanghai International Shipping Service Union, actively carry out personnel shipping services, shipping business services, and promote the development of the shipping industry through the implementation of the policy, the advantages of agglomeration and shipping personnel Heights elements formed.


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